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Why choose my services?
Purchasing a piece of real estate is one of the largest investments most of us make in a lifetime. I offer you  more than piece of mind. I will supply you with the necessary information to buy with confidence.
 If you are in need of an annual check up, I will aprise you of any issues currently or in need of monitoring for the near future.

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Building Inspections
During a standard home inspection, I will inspect all of the major building systems in detail which includes exterior, roof, electrical, plumbing, garages, kitchen/appliances, heating system, HVAC,attic in the crawlspace as well as outbuildings and pools. After which I will present you with a full report containing photos, description of material and or structural defects and minor issues to be monitored. Please refer to my code of ethics and practice page for more information. This document is also included with your inspection report.
Please contact me for a quote.
Annual Checkups
Having your home inspected each year you will reduce the possibilities of major structural defects such as rot/decay, roof issues etc. Please contact me for a quote.
Construction Oversee
Oftentimes, inspectors are hired to oversee each phase of the construction of a home.  Just a few minutes of oversight or inspection at the right point in the construction cycle can be the difference between applying a best practice or missing that opportunity.  And, in many cases, once the opportunity to apply a best practice has passed, it’s very difficult and costly to address the issue later on.  Considering these simple quality­management measures can help tremendously in avoiding job site moisture problems. . Please contact me for more information.
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